Introduction to Resource Management in Primavera P6

What is Resource Management? Primavera P6 not only helps projects stay on time, but it can manage your project's resources as well. Whether people, equipment or material, P6 can track it. In this intro video to the Resource Management in Primavera P6 course, we'll set you up for what you'll learn and start by introducing the concept of Adminstrative and Strategic resource management.


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What is Resource Management in Primavera P6? And how does Primavera help me manage my projects or my company’s resources? Those are some of the questions we’re striving to answer in this course, on Resource Management in Primavera P6.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of assigning resources to activities inside a Primavera P6 schedule but is that all there is to pre-Resource Management in Primavera?

Evidently not, there’s lots more. Like this - Graphical Resource Analysis where we can see how resources are being used and where there are peaks and values in our utilization. There’s also this - this is Portfolio Management where we can see how resources are being used across a series of projects and where they’re being allocated across an entire portfolio. There’s lots more too.

I like to break Resource Management down to two types of activities - Administrative Management and Strategic Management. Administrative Management includes some of these activities like answering the question, “What resources do I have in my company’s resource pool? What is their general availability?” as well as “How are resources set up?

Are they set up as name resources like Jim Smith or are they set up as generic resources like Plumber or Welder, or perhaps are they a mix of both?”; “How do I go ahead and add resources to my proje...