Finding Resource Over-allocations in Primavera P6

Resource over-allocations occur when a resource or resource team has been assigned more work than they can handle. It happens all the time, so you're going to need to know how to sift through a project to find resource over-allocations and to fix them. Thankfully, Primavera P6 has some excellent tools to help. You'll learn all about those tools and how to use them in this lesson.

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In this lesson we’ll be talking about Resource Levelling or another word for it is Analyzing Resource over Allocations. Primavera has some handy tools to help you find resource over allocations. That is a situation where you allocated too much work for a particular resource. Now, let’s set the scene. I’m working in Primavera and I have a project open, it’s the Office Building Addition project.

Anything that’s called a profile in Primavera is actually a graph. Another way we can access it is using the toolbar and there’s an icon with a man and some red bars behind his head and that will take us to the same graph so let’s go that way. Okay.

Invoking the graph or the Resource Usage Profile essentially divides my screen in four. I still have the top half of my screen I’m used to seeing but now on the bottom right, I do have this kind of graphical looking area. Not much shown on it yet. And then in the left hand side, I act...

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