Resource-Loading A Schedule in Primavera P6

We all want to resource-load our Primavera P6 schedules. In this video lesson, we'll take you through the basics of assigning resources to your project's activities and we'll explain the key fields you'll need to know about. We'll also show you how to assign resources to multiple activities at the same time, for large projects and to save you time.

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Resource loading a schedule in Primavera can be a very straightforward and easy task or it can be a more detail oriented and a little bit more complex task. And it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your project. Users who are doing, say, turn around projects in Primavera where the resourcing needs to be very detailed down to the hour.

We’ll take advantage of a lot more options in Primavera then say somebody who’s doing more of a large construction build capital type project where it’s sufficient merely to assign resources in kind of big chucks- chunks of blocks.

Primavera has very powerful resourcing options available to you. And what I want to do in this lesson is give you just the basics. How do we get resources assigned to our project? In more advanced lessons, we can look at the additional options to do the tweaking that you may need. I have my project open. What I want to do is check out this Resource tab at the bottom of the screen.

And you’ll notice that I have a number of columns here. Well, these columns are customizable in the same way that the columns up here at the top of my screen are customizable and the top of the screen. You can customize them by putting your mouse on anyone of the column names and right clicking.

You get Customize Resource Columns menu then go ahead and choose that. And then you ...

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